How I work

People are often recommended, or consider psychotherapy as an option, but are unsure what to expect from the process and how it can be of help.

Often, it can be easier to talk about personal issues with a professional who is independent of friends and family, to understand your experiences and help you to untangle difficult thoughts and emotions. For others, the thought of speaking to someone who is removed from their life can feel difficult, even if it might be beneficial to do so.

The first priority in my practice, is to offer a safe space through a supportive and cooperative therapeutic relationship, where you can can look inside and learn about yourself in ways you have not been able to do before, or may not have learnt to do outside of such a space. Within this, I see both of us as active members of the therapeutic venture, wherein I seek to cultivate a relationship that promotes a transitional space that allows for transformation and growth. 

Early on, I encourage collaboration, so together we will agree on the goals of therapy and I will ask you to share what is most important to you in the moment. It is helpful to elaborate as much as possible on your experience, so I will encourage you to articulate your experiences and life events in as much detail as you can.

Through the process of our work together, I will attempt to guide you in making connections concerning the parts of your life and your experiences that have been troubling you, so that you will be able to construct new, more meaningful experiences that allow visible shifts in the relationship with yourself and others.